Woman Who Blew Up Car Identified as Malia Obama


The black woman that largely went unidentified for blowing up her boyfriend’s car has now been named as the daughter of the former President, Barack Obama.

Malia Obama was seen running away from the car with scorch marks to her clothes and smelling of gasoline. The internet video went viral and all heck broke loose when she was identified as Obama’s daughter.

Malia is no stranger to trouble as she was seen smoking the marijuana joints and twerking at an all-black dance party a few years ago and the trouble no just got worse this year. The destructive teen was seen trying to light a car on fire who had gasoline to hand. Malia was protesting over BLM rights and was seen blowing the car up which nearly sent her to the promised land, too!

The teen then ran away to hide her identity (obviously, so as not to be an embarrassment to her father) and the hunt for the women was on. The teenager ran away from the car after getting knocked back into an adjacent parked car, then was seen crawling away and grabbing her gas tank and bag. The CCTV in that area tracked her moves back to her abode which apparently was the gated domicile of the Obamas’ residence.

The police arrived and questioned Malia about the incident but she was (as usual) uncooperative. Her mother who was a disbarred lawyer told the police she needed a few moments with the teen.

There was screaming and shouting from a room and the teen came out crying shouting obscenities at Michelle Obama who was seen to be berating the girl.

Apparently, Michelle asked the police to take a knee as the action of the police officers taking a knee could get the teen to admit to her crimes and that the police could appease her in doing the action. Malia stood over the two police officers as they did the action and Malia was then heard to have said by an illegal migrant worker, “now kiss my ass!”

She was then lead away by the two police officers, who charged her for reckless behavior and destroying the property of an ex-boyfriend.

The trial is set to be in six weeks. She was given bail set at $200,000.

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