Schwartzenegger Jokes : ‘At Least It’s Not a Tumor’


Megastar action-hero and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has always had an odd off-the-cuff sense of humor.  The popular celebrity, a registered Republican who, nonetheless, is supporting candidate Joe Biden in the 2020 election, was interviewed this weekend by a host of media networks, and may have made a bit of a sourly mistaken flub.

“Hey, yo, let me try. Hey Don – you’re the disease…and I’m the cure. Get It? Cobra. It’s from Cobra. What? No good?”

Sitting down with OAN host Sandy Batt to give his take on current news while promoting his newest movie : “Pumping Chris Christie”, Arnold employed his sardonic brand of humor when prodded for his reaction to the news that President Trump has tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus.  The bulky babysitter-banger echoed a catch-phrase made popular in his hit movie “Kindergarten Cop.”

“I think he should have been more careful, you know?  I’ve met him a few times, you know, when he was cleaning out his boxes of drugs from the set of the Apprentice and these kind of things.  He was not, as we used to say in Austria, ‘The schnellest ferd in the Octoberfest.”  It doesn’t surprise me that he has this, you know, because he is out of shape like a big Steven Seagal moose-person, you know.  No definition, only fat and disgusting blob-filling and these kinds of things.  Hey.  Camera, here, close-up – Donald – at least it’s NOT A TUMAH!’  Right?  You’ll be back!  Ah ha!  That’s good, right?  I was Mr. Freeze.”

The comment immediately went viral on the internet, with thousands of imitators echoing the statement on home-made YouTube videos, including children.  It is unknown whether the President himself has yet heard the jibe from his current location in a break-room refrigerator at Walter Reed hospital.

The President is being made comfortable between Jimmy Mesuski’s crappy nutrisystem shake and a four-day old unfinished pork hoagie.

Schwartzenegger has so far brushed the controversial gag and it’s consequences off, cheerily telling critics that it was “just a little joke for my good friend who also happens to be an asshole.”  Well, Mr. Movie Star, any more “jokes” like that, and you may have to get your ass to Mars.

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