Wall Fundraising Fraud Charges Against Bannon Dropped


Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon seemed elated at a press conference today where it was announced that the fraud charges against him related to the wall fundraising campaign had been dropped. 

He made this statement:

“I knew this was going nowhere, it was clearly a Democratic witch hunt. Why don’t they just give up already? With Attorney General Barr running the Department of Justice, they should know that we can do whatever we want with no consequences.

We will make sure Dear Leader gets re-elected legally or otherwise, come Hell or high water, and we’re all going to get richer in the process.”

When asked about the dismissal of the fraud charges and Bannon’s subsequent comments, Impeached President Trump had this to say:

“I have the biggest middle finger.  It’s the greatest middle finger ever. It’s great. It flips people off. Not those people, only the good people. The greatest ones get to see my middle finger.

Good people on both sides get to see my middle fingers. You want the bird?  I’ll give you the bird. It’s the Bald Eagle of double deuces.”

“It’s the Bald Eagle of double deuces.”

An aid to our last real President Barack Obama, Trish Blake, was asked about the fraud charges against Bannon on a Fox News interview and commented:

“I hope all those assholes burn in Hell, they’re destroying our country and the Constitution that it’s based on.”

In loving memory of Trish Blake

Former Assistant Director of the FBI, the Former personal injury lawyer, known Democratic operative, and all-around swell dude, Joe Barron, made his own statement this evening:

“We are just in the beginning stages of the largest Constitutional crisis our great nation has ever seen. I have personally laid eyes on a mountain of evidence that should have Cinnamon Hitler and about twenty of his cronies spending the rest of their lives in prison.” 

I beg you all, PLEASE get out and vote. Vote Democrat.

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