Vast Majority of the GOP Have Joined the Deep State

The truth is right there in front of you

Donald J Trump is a leader. The greatest President this nation has ever seen, the greatest leader the world has ever known.

Most Americans know that. But the GOP, the Republican Party, they’ve turned their backs on Trump. In a disgusting show of force, the Republican Party have joined the deep state against our President, Donald Trump. Money and power are more important to these RINOS.

While they wore their MAGA hats and said they stood with Trump, they were voting for Biden, and pushing narratives that Trump is wrong and should just “take the loss.”

Even Fox News has decided to become part of the evil deep state, completely forgetting that it was Donald Trump who put them on the map in the first place. Seeing as how Fox has jumped to the dark side, Trump has taken his millions of devoted supporters and headed to NewsMax and OANN, leaving Fox in the dust gasping for air and ratings.

Why the GOP has decided to abandon the man who saved them isn’t a mystery, however. These are lifelong politicians, and they’re only concerned with their power. Their money. And since Donald Trump is the ardently anti-corrupt, they’ve seen their fortunes dwindle.

Draining the swamp meant draining the pocketbooks of corrupt anti-American deep state republicans, and they’re not having it! They’d much rather lead the sheep to the slaughter and steal from the people.

Lifelong Republican and conservative Joe Barron has had enough. He’s seen the way the republicans have treated Donald Trump, and how they stood by while liberal leftist democrats have tried to destroy Trump’s policies and legacy.

He’s vowed to leave the Republican Party and move on to redder pastures.

“I’ve voted Republican all my damned life, and I still live in this trailer and drive a 30-year-old pickup! They were supposed to be there for me!!!” 

Barron, a career convenience store clerk and has attendant has even extolled the virtues of the Republican Party to his eye-rolling customers who only wanted coffee for years.

What will become of the once-proud Republican Party after their ties to the deep state and their willingness to throw Trump under the bus are exposed? What’s more important?

The constitution or the ego of an overweight grifter?

These questions need answers and need them now. Donald Trump needs to be coronated as King of America and they’re sitting on their behinds, blocking him at every attempt for the throne that doesn’t exist.

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