Tyrant Biden Ousts Another Trump Appointee

We will not be silenced!


Once again, the tyrannical Biden Administration is purging the federal government of patriotic Trump appointees. The latest victim of the liberal scourge is Kayleigh McEnany and she is having none of it!

Reminiscent of what happened to Kellyanne Conway and Sean ‘Spicey’ Spicer, Ms. McAnally was told to quit or be fired from her role as Director of the Department of Caucasian Affairs. How was she told? By a note on the door of her office that she is now locked out of. No warning.

A phone call by Kayleigh to her office was answered by a woman who identified herself as the new Director, Mapoosi Anmikrak. In the recorded call the woman was very aggressive in tone, accusing Kayleigh of being at “my neck, my back” and smugly notified Ms. McAnally that she “better call Tyrone and tell him come on help you get your (expletive)”, in an apparent reference to Capitol Police Office Tyrone Witherspoon whom handles such situations.

Kayleigh released the following statement from her OnlyFans:

I am not resigning. I am a highly credentialed expert in this obscure area and my everlasting devotion to my president, Donald J. Trump does not interfere with my duties. Dictator Biden is simply trying to distract from the current news cycles which are damaging to him. Grown men with the emotional intellect of pre-pubescent boys typing “Lets go Brandon” on the internet will not be silenced. Likewise, I will continue the important work of Director of Caucasian Affairs and conquer the world in search of spices, which we will then not use.

We reached out to Sandy Batt Ph.D CNA RN Esq., the spokesperson for the former Trump Administration spokesperson. She had this to say:

I don’t know what Mrs. Anmikrak’s qualifications are but she probably got the job because of liberal “wokeness”. I’m not sure what that means but I hope to be an admin in the Tucker Carlson fan group and we’re supposed to use the words Tucker repeats during his segments to show allegiance. I know all the words. I keep a daily list. The liberals don’t want anyone tied to Trump to have a voice.

This attack on Trump’s loyal circle is an attack on all of us true Americans. As Trump pointed out at his recent Georgia rally, “We’re all victims. Everybody here, all these thousands of people here tonight, they’re all victims. Every one of you.”

If you feel you’ve been victimized by the liberal agenda, we have partnered with Conservative Tears outreach program to help you. Just type codeword #Blumpkin in the comment and somebody will contact you. God Bless America.