Fox News Employees File Harassment Claims Against Tucker Carlson


You can thank the “#metoo” movement for the demise of the days when a friendly white male work colleague could administer a friendly ass-slap or earlobe lick to one of his female co-workers as an innocent gesture of affection.  That classic era is as gone as Marjorie Taylor Greene’s anal virginity.

Lookin’ at You, Rand. We know you call your penis “The Fountainhead”.

A recent revealing article by Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Sandy Batt in the Queefburgh Hurricane newspaper tells the tale of a series of sexually explicit and offensive patterns of behavior in the Fox News organization by star broadcaster Tucker Carlson.  The klansman’s poster-child pundit is being accused of improprieties by over a dozen female employees of the company as well as six male co-workers.

One more shocking revelation came from the sworn affadavit of star show host Judge Jeannine Pirro, who described Carlson: “Following me down the hallways daily, slapping his dick back and forth against the walls and yelling ‘Hickory farms got the salami, and I’m Hickory farms, baby!”

Another witness to behavior, who wished to remain anonymous, told investigators of a more ominous complaint.

“Tucker’s got at least one dead whore in his office.  I mean, we’ve all smelled it for weeks.  Whores go in there all the time, and they don’t ever come out.  Him and Hannity both are huge whore connoisseurs, and the going theory is that when they finish with them, they end up with Mike Lindell as whorepillow stuffing.  Everyone knows about the whorepillows.”

“And that’s why we don’t buy sleep accessories from men with sticky moustaches, Billy.”

Carlson has not commented on the stories as of yet, although aides have confirmed elements of the whoretroversial details.

Is the recent resurgent movement of so-called “women’s liberation” being shanghaied by the influx of the liberal cancel culture to specifically target fine American white men like Tucker Carlson?  How do any of these communist snowflake radical left wing democrats expect to get any one done around here?

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