Trump’s Niece Donates $1 Million to Biden Campaign

The truth is right in front of you

As if the false allegations weren’t enough, to add insult after injury, Mary L. Trump, the disgraced niece of President Donald Trump, has added the proverbial nail in the coffin and donated one million dollars to The Joe Biden election fund, it has been revealed.

Her book “Too much and never enough” which hit the best seller’s list last week has made it possible for the outlaw niece of Trump to donate one million dollars to Joe’s bid for the White House. I tried to contact her for a statement about her involvement with the demonrats and ask her, how can she be so mercenary, as to give money to the evil “demonrats?”

But, as usual, she had nothing to say to me. Apparently she has signed a personal gagging order so she cannot talk about the donation in any way. Which gags herself from talking to the real rightwing media.

However, I have the details here, so there is no need to wait for the lamestream media to give you their skewed points of view.

Mary, the erstwhile niece of Donald J Trump, our leader, has spoken out in a book that was largely funded by liberal think tanks and attack groups to take down the Republican Party and ultimately are leader. Her main drive was to eliminate all the good things Trump has done in our country by giving money to the alleged convicted woman hater and abuser Joe Biden. Now, what does that say about her!?

The money was funneled through personal accounts to the Biden election team’s task force. Furthermore, emails were intercepted on twitter regarding the payments to PayPal, so as not to cause any suspicion about the donation. The money was received by Joe Barron, manager of the election team, as a donation through PayPal’s gofundme. A very dubious way of sending donations to the presumptive nominee, Joe Biden.

Unfortunately for those ‘demorats’, couldn’t keep me from finding out about Mary’s duplicity and her loyalty to the worst people ever to walk the earth.

Joe Biden has too, refused to talk to me even though I specifically asked to speak to him face to face about the one million dollar donation, but he was busy spending the coffers he collected from his confederate Mary Trump, I’m sure!

This cannot go on when are country the best in the nation has been dripped dry by the dishonest liberals, with their fake Carew in the community and their whining about equality and equal pay in the workplace, when Mary Trump sends a one million dollar donation to creepy, sleepy, sleazy JOE BIDEN!

This cannot go on and there should be a full investigation as far as I’m concerned. All patriots need to send a petition to the woman who hates her own in-law!

Who wouldn’t love an uncle being the president, right?! She needs to be boycotted. Checkmate librats!

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