Biden to Repeal and Replace Trumpcare Benefits for Seniors


Senior citizens have long suffered under Democratic reigns. While Republicans seek to expand medicare and benefits for seniors, Democrats want to dismantle these programs in order to spend the funds on endless war.

That is exactly what is happening again, as Biden has announced a plan to eliminate Trumpcare.

Speaking to Democrat leaders on a conference call today, Biden laid out his healthcare agenda for the next four years.

Below is an excerpt of this call:

“We are going to repeal and replace Trumpcare. This country simply can’t afford to give health insurance to its citizens, especially seniors who are about to die anyway. How will we be able to fund the demolition of Trump’s wall? That money has to come from somewhere.

Trump thought he could just spend our money how he wanted to, with no regard. Shame on him for giving people healthcare at the taxpayer’s expense. This country is about the free market, and if some people have to die to keep it that way, then so be it.

And I’ll be damned if Ol’ Corn Pop gets healthcare paid for by me, since I’m the government. I’m not giving that clown anything. He can get a job like the rest of us.”

After Biden spoke, Pelosi and other Democrats gave him a standing ovation and 20 minutes of applause, praising the plan as” something long overdue”, showing their callous disregard for the American people.

These are horrible words to be coming from the President of the United States. Never before has a President been so open about their hatred for American citizens. Well, besides Obama that is. And to top it all off, his Democrat cult is agreeing with his evil plans. It’s truly sickening.

Biden should immediately resign for his comments, as he basically wished death upon old people. That’s truly unforgivable.

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