Trump Wrestles Control Of Deep State From Obama

According to sources inside the Deep State Shadow Government, President Trump has made major moves and seized control of the globalist organization.

Seven different sources with no fewer than 11 different names have come forward to express their joy that the reign of “the Dictator” Obama comes to a close.

One of those operatives, Art Tubolls, told us that the change means the Deep State is no longer an entity to fear or oppose:

“Trump is in charge now. So everything has been righted. Sure, it’s a different scenario than we’re used to, but it’s still good.

“We used to be all opposed to any kind of socialism and now we’re happy with out thousands in government assistance because Trump says it’s okay. So why not delve a little into globalism, too?”

The idea isn’t a new one. The Republican party has been appropriating popular platforms for us real Americans for centuries. We took racism and the KKK from the Democrats, and we won’t be told we can’t also become socialist commies if that’s what Trump wants.

This is America, Patriots. We don’t need the rest of the world or anything else unless Trump says we do, and Trump apparently thinks we need to unite the world.

Such a great man. God bless America.

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