Trump Wins Two Prestigious Awards In One Week For His Work

He really is our savior!

We all know that the Donald Trump is the greatest president of our lifetime. No. Scratch that. He’s the greatest president of all time.

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln have nothing on this amazing, wonderful, honest angel of a man that Christ himself has bestowed upon us.

Most people know it. If it wasn’t for Donald Trump, America would be mired in pandemic and a burning, jobless mess.

But the Lord has given us Donald Trump. And we are doing great and America is great again!

And it will be greater when he wins again and even greaterer when in 2024, if he chooses to stay as our leader. And remember, Donald didn’t have to be our president.

The man has everything you can dream for. Anything you could ever want, but he’s here, selflessly giving himself and his talents to save our nation from a liberal hellhole.

He’s done so well, that he was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. The Noble Peace Prize.

And several have nominated him for the Noble Peace Prize.

First, there was some far-right kook in Norway, then some other guy, and then 20 of the finest ladies of the night in Russia — 20 of them. That’s a lot more than any other president has received for the Noble Peace Prize. 

Obama wasn’t even mentioned for the Noble Peace Prize. Ever.

Then there is the Big Daddy of them all. The rarest and honored and distinguished and the shiniest award that there is.

The Bay of Pigs Award.

It is so rare that anyone gets this award. As a matter of fact, President Donald J Trump will be the first and only recipient of the Bay Of Pigs Award, because Trump literally just made it up, and he will have some fake plaque on his wall or something to show off.

We are so very proud of him.   

People are stunned and surprised at these prestigious awards that Trump has been given. The honorable Joseph Barron, a judge who became a historian, is just beside himself.

Barron was drinking good scotch while his assistant, Sandra Batt was downing some cheap beer, laughing hysterically at the news of his awards.

“I didn’t know you could just make up awards, maybe if they had one for “fattest lazy piece of crap”, he’d win that hands down.”

God bless America and God Bless Donald J Trump!

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