Trump Trolls Black Lives Matter in NYC with Blue Lives Matter

The Truth Is Right In Front Of You

Donald Trump had the last laugh today in New York City on Fifth Avenue in front of his Manhattan tower. Earlier, leftist liberals painted Black Lives Matter in front of his building.

Last night, Trump had his contractors paint over the offending message and replace it with one of his own.

It’s a huge win for not-racist-Trump and Police as he had his people paint a TRUMP & Blue Lives flag over black. He’s certainly showing the leftist, hateful liberals who’s boss, and who’s the President.

The new painting caused controversy, but the NYPD are protecting the new street mural. Trump is owning the liberals right in New York City and they can’t do anything about it!!!

Officer Joe Barron is head over heels for the new paint job.

“It’s beautiful!” He exclaimed, puzzled considering Trump only has cared about police when they were going to arrest him for his numerous crimes.

“At first, I thought it was really a tribute to us, but no, it’s to himself. At least there’s the thin blue line in it, I guess.”

Most people in Manhattan are sick to death of anything Trump related, even the police think he’s a giant buffoon.

When he shared it to his twitter page, it got 10 million shares in 27 seconds, which is odd because that’s also Melania’s price schedule whenever they go to bed. 

Trump supporters, who generally have to do mental gymnastics trying to support him through every horrible thing he’s done are straining the last of their usable brain cells to pretend it’s totally not racist. They tried really, really hard, but as most people who reside in Absurdistan (a place where only they reside, because normal people can’t stand him) failed miserably and shouted MAGA and went back to whatever hick things they do, like chasing their love interest siblings, or repairing that 86 Ford truck for the 987th time.

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