Trump Tapes About Election Are Clinton Deep Fakes

The truth is right there in front of you

Media outlets have released tapes of Donald Trump speaking about overturning the Georgia election. Or so they thought.

The truth has come to light, and of course, it’s all the fake media and fake news trying to make our president, Donald J Trump, look bad. They literally can’t help themselves. Well this time, it’s really a massive fail!

The tapes were deep fakes created by the Clinton mafia and Russian oligarchs. After experts listened to the tapes, they were convinced that these recordings were completely made up and pinged the source directly to Moscow, where Hillary Clinton teamed up with fellow ultra-leftist Vladimir Putin to hurt our great president and his chances of continuing to Make America Great Again.

It seems Putin was angry with Trump for undermining Russia’s attempts to thwart the Trump Train.

Now, honestly, the tapes are real and Trump did try to undermine an election and our democracy, not that you mouth-breathing Neanderthals would believe that. You literally worship the ground that idiot walks on, not to mention you wouldn’t catch Clinton within 100 miles of Putin, that is Trump’s man. But for the sake of this story, let‘s pretend anyway so you’ll feel better about your latest horrible decisions.

Clinton and Putin knew that if Trump loses the election, Hillary could totally take power if somehow Biden wasn’t able to fulfill his duties as president, and somehow everyone from Kamala Harris to the lowest democrat on the totem pole simply didn’t show up to work that day and everyone forgot about how the constitution works and CNN simply forgot to remind them, and then, Hillary could usurp power from everyone else and she and Putin could dance in a field of mustard greens singing Mexican versions of the Canadian national anthem. 

Hey, it could totally happen.

Joseph Barron, a deep fake expert was interviewed and said that the tapes were certainly doctored in a way that Trump’s actual words were used using his actual voice and was actually demanding that the Secretary of State go against the constitution and completely forgo the oath he took to uphold that said constitution.

That’s how far the deep state is going folks. It’s scary.

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