Trump Supporters Score Higher than All Other Americans In New Study

They score the highest FPQ in history!

It’s a well-known fact that Republicans in general are the most patriotic Americans, and a groundbreaking new study provides stunning statistics in response to this claim.

After questioning hundreds of thousands of self-proclaimed supporters of our dear leader, President Donald J. Trump, prominent researchers have declared that Trump’s followers have the highest FPQ in the nation.

The diligent researchers had to question hundreds of thousands of actual smart people, too, to compare the beliefs of the Trumpflakes to the beliefs of the sane people — the Democrats and the left-leaning Independents.

The final result of the two-year-long study: Trump’s cult members have the highest FPQ — much, much higher than the rest of the study’s subjects.

What’s an FPQ? A Fake Patriotism Quotient.

Yes, potatriots, Trumphumping morons cloak themselves in the flag, they claim to be the only “real” Americans, and they tell anyone who disagrees with them to get out of “their” country.

That doesn’t make them Americans. It makes them bootlicking cult members who worship at the altar of Trump, selling out every last sacred value that made our country so great, back before Trump ruined it with his dictatorial impulses and disregard for the ever-important system of checks and balances that made our country different.

As our 244-year-old experiment in democracy goes off the rails, over the berm, and into the abyss, let it be known that the real Americans are the ones who stood fast against the tide of fascism that Trump has embraced.

As the Trump lackeys strap on their guns to buy a sandwich at Subway, refuse to wear a mask to protect their neighbors, and declare their obeisance to their orange lord and savior, they’ve proven one thing: this experiment in democracy was a good thing while it lasted. In the end, though, it was too fragile to withstand 39 percent of the country and 53 percent of Senators standing by as one unhinged lunatic runs roughshod over the very ideals that made this country unique.

Will we recover from this? Who knows. Vote blue, and let’s find out.

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