Harris: Trump Supporters Will ‘Feel the Pain’ After We Win

The truth is right in front of you

Radical left-wing Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris is well known as a nasty woman who is not nice to people who have been accused of doing bad things.

She was mean to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh when she asked him if he could think of any laws that would allow the government the power to make decisions about the male body.

She was mean to Attorney General William Barr when she had the temerity to asked whether President Trump or anyone in the White House suggested he investigate someone. She was mean when Barr didn’t want to answer the question and didn’t accept it.

Her next victims: Trump supporters.

Art Tubolls caught up with the Vice Presidential nominee and asked her what she thought of Trump supporters.

“They’re lazy and unskilled. Under a Biden presidency, we’re going to have job training to help to build the skills to make America innovative and competitive again.

I understand that there’s no way to train someone off of being lazy. Our administration is going to be working for all Americans, not just Democrats.

We’ll find a way to rebuild the economy after the disaster that Trump is leaving us. Much like anything worth doing, it won’t be easy. We recognize that we need the Trump supporters to help us to rebuild, but if they don’t want to learn new skills and cling to dying industries, they’re going to feel the pain.”

Luckily patriots will ensure that Trump will win in November and will keep things great. It will not be long before we see our Great President’s face on Mount Rushmore.

We’re seeing record employment numbers and the polls show President Trump at all-time highs. It is our duty as Patriotic Americans to Keep America Great Again and put our Dear Leader back in office for several more years.

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