Trump Slams Democrats After They Say They’ll Drag Him Out.

The truth is right there in front of you

Democrats in the house and senate have made it clear: they will drag Trump from the White House. Never mind the will of the people or any election results, they say they will drag him out, and that’s that. The utter contempt that they have for this president and his supporters is absolutely disgusting and un-American.

President Trump said at a recent press conference that there would be no “peaceful transition of power” unless the ballots, which are a disgrace, are thrown away. President Trump knows the ballots are a disaster and knows that the democrats will do anything to remove him as the rightful leader of this great nation.  Democrats have no appreciation of how Trump has “Made America Great Again”!

Trump said that there will simply be a continuation of his amazing presidency. There will be no transition because he knows he will win and knows the American people are 100% behind him. They stand for the pledge and kneel for the cross and pledge their undying love and support for Trump, no matter how badly he does. They love this man, he is their leader, and they are his faithful cult. They love him, he thinks they’re a disgusting pain in the ass. There’s really that much love.

Pollster Joseph Barron looked over the numbers, and then asked “what ballots?”  He thinks Trump is totally making up the ballots being a disaster, because that’s what his presidency is.  A disaster. An unmitigated disaster. But that doesn’t stop the uneducated faithful from their continued worship of the man who’s been complicit in the deaths of over 200,000 Americans. No way. They love him unconditionally. He’s just like Jesus.

To say Trump has no idea what he’s talking about is an understatement. He knows that the flock doesn’t care, as long as he spouts some racist garbage and the fellow dumbasses can lick boots and wave his flag. If Trump knows anything, it’s how to con the shit out of people. And here we are. But you, the trump voter, don’t care about facts, science, reason or anything else. You’ll follow him into the pits of hell, if that’s what he wants. And good thing for you, that’s where we’re all headed. God bless Donald Trump, and God Bless America.

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