Trump Signs Executive Order Naming CNN an ‘Enemy of the State’

The truth is right in front of you

President Trump has made it his goal since day one to rid the nation of corruption and lies. So far he has eliminated the deep state, drained the swamp, and gotten rid of all that oppose him in government. But that is just the beginning.

This week, President Trump signed an executive order that names CNN and all affiliated networks as enemies of the state. As such, this subjects all of their employees to immediate arrest and seizure of all company assets as they are considered to be guilty of sedition and treason. This is an important step in maintaining a free country.

The following is an excerpt from Trump’s executive order:

“I, President Donald J. Trump, am ordering that CNN and all affiliated companies henceforth be declared enemies of the state.

This order will immediately make all executives of these companies guilty of sedition and reason. They will get no trial. They will get no mercy. America is only as free as the press. And if the press is filled with liars and Leaker, America is not free.

This will set an example for all other networks that want to be fascist by going against the President. Fascism will not be tolerated in America and all opposition to the President will be swiftly eradicated going forward.”

Republican Senator Joe Barron is praising the President’s action, saying, “It was long overdue and it’s about time we had someone with the balls to do it.”

We absolutely agree.

This order is sure to keep America safe and free by getting rid of all opposition to the President. Americans are to support their President no matter what. That’s what America is all about. To oppose our dear leader is fascist, and as such, not welcome here.

This is how we Make America Great Again!

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