Trump Says: ‘Blue States Will Be Downfall of America’

Some states just love America more

Donald Trump, during a press conference recently spoke about pandemic numbers and called out democratic run blue states as being the issues holding back the US. Liberals clutched their pearls at this, screaming that we are the United States of America, not red and blue states.

What they don’t say is it’s the blue states that are causing all of the issues and giving Trump less than the numbers he deserves.

During Donald Trump’s first term, (he will be a two-term president!) the blue states have caused Donald Trump nothing but trouble. It’s as if they don’t even want to be a part of these United States and take part in the greatest presidency of all time.

Donald Trump has done everything he can to make the United States the absolute best nation in the world, and the blue states have gotten in his way.

If it wasn’t for the blue states, America’s pandemic wouldn’t even have been noticed, as every other red state did fine. The blue states had the biggest rates of infection, deaths, and problems.

Now it’s the red states that have that, more than likely because they’re full of dumbass Trump supporters who paid attention to him rather than science. Because science is obviously liberal and has a bias. Or something like that.

Donald Trump’s success all boils down to who’s paying attention and who’s not paying attention. The blue states are obviously reading, researching, and scratching their heads on anything the orange buffoon says while the people in the red states think he’s the second coming of Christ.

They literally worship him that way, and even have replaced Jesus with Donald Trump. It’s amazing watching them do the mental gymnastics they have to do to continue the cult mentality they have.

Joe Barron, an ardent red state Trump Supporter was fervently trying to downplay Trump’s disparaging of our soldiers and fellow Americans who’ve lost their lives due to the pandemic.

“Maybe if they would have been more patriotic and loved our president, these losers and suckers would be on the right side of the grass!”

Barron said from his government-subsidized housing at the Lamplighter in Indiana. It’s always someone else’s fault, not Trump’s. He’s making America great again.

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