Trump Returns Robert E. Lee’s Ancestral Home To His Family After 156 Years

President Trump has taken steps to help heal our nation. After more than 150 years, the federal government is giving the ancestral home of General Robert E. Lee back to his family, where it belongs.

The Lee home was taken during the Civil War and has remained in federal hands ever since. Many attempts have been made over the years to give the home back, but Democrats stood in the way.

They called him a racist because he owned slaves. They called him a traitor because he fought for the Confederacy.

They called him un-American because he took an oath to fight for what he believed in.

Now, his family can take the Lee home over with pride and turn it into a museum or something.

The White House released a statement thanking the Lee family for being patient and respecting the process. “They never gave up,” said a spokesman, “they stayed vigilant and knew that they would eventually get what was coming to them. Everyone who suffered from the war of northern aggression should get some kind of payoff.”

According to the official deed to the land, the Lee family will once again own a prime piece of real estate located just outside of Washington DC in Arlington, Virginia.

Ownership of the home does come with a few stipulations:

“The owners will also be caretakers of the land. They will be responsibler for maintaining the historical integrity of the mansion, the slave quarters, and the surrounding land.”

The surrounding land is home to sprawling fields and beautiful landscapes, as well as a cemetery. The Lee family will have to find someone to watch over one particular tomb, which has remained guarded at all times since World War I.

A family spokesman says they’ve already put a notice on Craigslist and will offer minimum wage plus free room and board in the slave’s quarters for qualified applicants.



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