Trump Rallies Supporters: ‘If I Lose, Don’t Pay Your Taxes’


Smart patriots throughout this great country know that our dear leader, President Donald J. Trump, is the best, most magnificent president we’ve ever had and that everything he ever says is 100 percent true.

So those patriots are overjoyed to hear that if Joe Biden manages to steal the election, Trump has told them: “You don’t have to pay your taxes!”

It totally makes sense that only God-fearing, red-blooded, 2A-tumescent, merely truth-adjacent patriots don’t have to pay taxes. After all, taxes are theft, and God hates theft, and decent roads, schools, healthcare, and clean water are for socialist p*ssies so don’t pay for those horrible things!

So, do what your dear leader has ordered you to do, patriots.

If Joe Biden somehow manages to prove that yes, he got 7.2 million more votes than Trump and yes, he received 74 more electoral votes than Trump and no, Trump’s dipsh*t attorneys didn’t prove voter fraud, and yes, 81 million voters had had it up to HERE with everything related to Trump…don’t pay your taxes.

It’s definitely illegal to refuse to pay your taxes, but only cowardly socialists care about things like LAWS and RESPONSIBILITIES and CONTRIBUTING TO THE COMMON GOOD.

So if you end up in jail for refusing to pay your taxes, it’s OK!

You will have proven that you’re a brave, stalwart, brainwashed moron who would have shoved your way to the head of the line at Jonestown to get your Kool-Aid ration first.

You will have proven that you want the benefits of living in a country like the United States without any sense of responsibility for the greater good.

Joe Biden’s supporters can go ahead and pay their taxes like the obedient little sheep that they are — if by “sheep” I mean the smart people who know that a president can’t nullify the tax code.

Have fun in prison, tax-evading Trumphumpers!

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