Trump Promises Severe Consequences To NFL, Goodell Caves

They Will Stand For The Anthem!

Roger Goodell, commissioner of the National Football League met with Donald Trump at Mar-A-Lago over the weekend. The two have been trading barbs for years and it came to a head this week, and Trump ordered Goodell to come to Florida so they could discuss the president’s NFL issues. After speaking at length, Goodell understood Trump’s anger at the NFL. He understood, and he promised change.

In a memo leaked by the players’ association, Roger Goodell outlined prohibited behavior by his players and coaching staff, and cannot be overstepped by team owners.

“This is my league,” Goodell said, “And I’ll be damned to lose more revenue and look anti-American by a bunch of whiny sons of bitches.”

The memo continued, “Kneeling is prohibited conduct and is punishable by a fine of no less than $15,000 to the player and second offenses can include termination from the NFL.”

NFL spokesman Joseph Barron said that after the meeting, a defeated Goodell came back to make new rules for the league. The president was very clear in his message to Goodell, and Goodell agreed. The NFL is all American and needs to stay that way.

“It’s time for our players, our employees to respect American values and respect our flag, and also respect our president.”

Any player speaking ill about America or our president will be punished with fines and up to termination for repeated offenses.

President Trump was very adamant and very strong in his denunciation of players acting decidedly un-American.  Kneeling for the flag, in President Trump’s view, is traitorous.  And President Trump knows a thing or two about being a traitor. He excels in the activity, going as far as to befriend dictators and allowing them to do horrific things to our country.

Roger Goodell knows the best thing for him to do is to listen to President Trump. President Trump has been right about everything from where hurricanes will track to pretending to do anything about a pandemic. The players will now act as if they love this country, through the force of Donald Trump. Freedom is important and they will learn that. 

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