Trump Places Devastating Sanctions On Russia After Learning About Bounties On US Troops – Media Silent

President Trump responded with decisive authority and extreme prejudice against Vladimir Putin and Russia when he learned about bounties placed on US soldiers. According to sources close to the President, he was completely surprised by the news and took less than five minutes to act:

“President Trump had no idea this was going on. He took the time to read the report and within five minutes made a decision to place sanctions on Putin that he won’t soon forget.”

The mainstream media won’t report on the development because they can’t publish anything positive about the President. According to our sources inside the New York Times, reporters were instructed to tell “the truth” rather than report what the West Wing has released:

“They want us to keep selling the narrative that Trump knew months ago and ignored the news. While that may be true, it’s not good for our country to push a story like that. Trump says he’s mad, and he’s mad. Most people close to him believe he’s more upset that the news got out and that the focus will now be on finding who leaked the report.”

The sanctions won’t be easy for Putin to swallow. In addition to being uninvited to the G7’s opening night cocktail hour with the Crown Prince and Kim Jong Un, Putin was also blacklisted from Trump’s birthday party next year at Mar-a-Lago. In addition, Trump has declared that all of the back-channel payments to Putin and the Russian mafia to keep quiet about his treasonous activities over the past 3 years will come to an end.

What will definitely hurt the most, however, is that Trump says he will no longer consider Vlad his “bestie,” and that he plans to unfollow him on Twitter. The intelligence community says that course of action may be inviting more deceitful activity from Putin, so trump may need to take a few secret trips to Crimea to swallow his pride. Literally.

Pay attention, Democrats. This is how a real President responds to a crisis he’s pretending he’s just hearing about now. Unlike Obama, who still lies about Benghazi. We’re lucky we don’t live in those times anymore.

God bless our troops.

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