Trump Leads the Black Vote as Biden’s Racist Past is Exposed

And they call Trump racist?!

Donald Trump is a champion of the blacks. From fighting for the rights of the falsely accused Central Park Five, allowing poverty-stricken black families to stay at his properties free of charge, and being a leader of the civil rights movement, Donald Trump has always been there for his African Americans, unlike his opponent, Joe Biden.

In a newly exposed series of documents, it is revealed that Joe Biden was found guilty of many racist acts including, but not limited to, discrimination against black tenants, a history of using racial slurs, and calling for the executions of black men that were proven innocent.

According to Biden’s former podiatrist, who is now a convicted felon, Dr. Ashbaucher, Biden even called white supremacists “very fine people”. Biden’s racist record simply speaks for itself.

Joe Barron, the spokesman for the Republican party, took the opportunity to bash Biden over this report:

“This is a man that can not be allowed to be President. He pretends to not be a racist, but his actions and the people he surrounds himself say otherwise. Just because he puts a few token black people in his administration, does not make him any less racist. That’s all done simply for appeasement.

The Republican party would never nominate such an openly racist person with such a controversial history to run for the highest office in the land. After all, we are the party of Lincoln.

America deserves much better than this. Donald Trump represents all Americans and we are proud to have him as our President.”

All of these reasons are why we need to vote Trump in November. We cannot have a President that is supported by white supremacists, racists, bigots, and Nazis. That is Biden’s base. We can’t let them win.

God Bless, President Trump, and his administration.

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  1. what a great photo
    i thank trump for removing black from prisons on misdemeanours, providing them with training and jobs.
    i thank trump for solidly funding black colleges so they no longer have to beg for funding annually.
    i thank trump for outing BLM and ANTIFA terrorists, who are skewing the narrative on race (the presidential race?) and making “All Lives Matter”
    i thank trump for supporting pedophile arrests and bringing unconscionable predators to justice
    i thank trump for cleaning up the military, cia, fbi, doj and senate arenas
    i thank trump for standing up against communist china ccp
    i thank trump for managing the covid plandemic hands-on against big pharma
    i thank trump for bringing manufacturing back to america
    i thank trump for shaking down nato and defunding the corrupt WHO in bed with CCP china
    i thank trump for going up against fake news mainstream media that has eroded american society turning everything into a soap opera
    i thank trump for making america great again
    i thank trump

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