Trump Issues Executive Order Limiting Biden’s Term to Two Years

Biden will be OUT in two years!

As President Donald J. Trump’s window of opportunity to overturn the 2020 election closes and Joe Biden’s inauguration becomes certain, Trump has taken the future of our great nation into his own hands. He has issued Executive Order 666.69, which will limit Biden’s term to only two years.

Issuing this executive order about his successor’s term in office shows exactly how much respect one-term impeached president Trump has for our Constitution: absolutely zero.

He lost, and he should be taking the smug advice that he and his cult followers dished out in 2016 to Hillary Clinton and her supporters: You lost. Get the f*ck over it.

But no, he’s dragging our entire country through the mud and muck of more than 50 baseless lawsuits, trying to undermine the basis of our free and fair democracy: the right to vote.

If it weren’t so dangerous and damaging, it would be hilarious. But it is, so it’s not.

Republicans who claim to revere the Constitution and protect American values are cheering as Trump and his addled acolytes take a giant dump on the voting rights of tens of millions of Americans. Attempting to overturn a free and fair election because your cult leader lost is, um, bad. Really, really bad.

If Democrats were engaging in this charade, Republican heads would be exploding in rage and righteous indignation — as they should! — all over the country. But no, Republicans had a collective spine-removal surgery when Trump was inaugurated and whatever nonsense Trump peddles is considered the truth.

The country is divided. Horribly. Trump could have taken this moment to try to unite us. OH MY GOD I’M CRACKING MYSELF UP. Of course he wouldn’t do that. He’s a loser and a disgrace, and he’s going to stomp his feet and hold his breath until the last possible moment. And then, he’ll slither off to Mar-a-Lago and hold his cult followers in thrall until he drops dead of a heart attack.

Good riddance.

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