Trump Destroys Biden in First Debate, Leads Series 1-0


Trump and Biden took to the airwaves in what ended up being a truly lopsided debate ending with the democratic candidate leaving the stage with his tail between his legs.  Trump, in what may be the most presidential moment of his career, absolutely destroyed the democratic candidate leaving little in doubt for the upcoming election. 

Biden simply had no answers. The economy, foreign policy, and racial equality were just a few topics Biden seemed to have next to no knowledge of.  Often babbling and stumbling to find his words, Biden only served to stoke the rumors of his rapidly increasing dementia and growing incompetence.  He was so inept, at one point Biden’s handlers begged moderator Chris (Bubba) Wallace to go to a commercial break so they could tend to their diminishing candidate. 

Biden officials told reporters after the debate, “We simply weren’t prepared for the facts President Trump presented us with. Nobody saw this coming.”  The fact is, most of America KNEW this was coming.  Should such shortsightedness but trusted with the most powerful position in the world?  The answer is simply, no. 

Perhaps the most embarrassing moment in the debate came when the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic came up. Biden seemed confused when President Trump mentioned the China Virus, a reference to the virus’ country of origin.  Biden attempted to correct the President, calling it the Mexico Virus, clearly a reference to its classification as a coronavirus, Corona being a beer from Mexico.  Biden officials responded to this after the debacle saying, “Both this campaign and the American people were given misinformation from this administration when they called it the coronavirus.”

This basic lack of understanding underscores the importance of re-electing President Trump. The country, and the world, can simply not afford to do otherwise. 

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