Trump and Republicans to Redefine ‘Hate Speech’ Laws

The Truth Is Right There In Front Of You

Donald Trump and other Republicans have had enough with discrimination. In the last few weeks, discrimination has grown rampant. White, conservative Christians have been on the receiving end of a lot of discrimination, and it’s been especially bad with hate speech laws that were put in place by liberal leftist democrats.

Conservative Christians have had their First Amendment rights trampled by the left. They used to be able to tell their truth, with no consequences. That has changed and liberals are taking advantage of it now. When it comes to minorities, gays, low wage workers, illegal immigration or a variety of different issues conservatives feel strongly about, they’ve been silenced. Well, thanks to President Donald Trump and conservative Republicans, that’s all coming to an end.

Oh yeah, you know the ones.

Sandy Batt, a southern woman who is a big Trump supporter and considers herself a Christian is delighted by the news.

“Thank Jesus!!!” She exclaimed, adding that “when I see something I don’t like and don’t understand, it should be my right to just say whatever I want without someone calling me a bigot!” 

Ms. Batt sees gay people as evil and calls out interracial relationships as misguided and disgusting.

“If these people knew Jesus, they wouldn’t do things I don’t approve of!” she said before waving a confederate flag and dousing a cross in gasoline.

White conservatives who say they are Christian haven’t been able to discriminate against people they don’t like. Imagine how pained they are to treat a black man or a gay couple as human beings.

Why won’t someone think of the bigots! Finally, Donald Trump has. He will show the liberals that it is an American right to treat someone who you simply don’t understand as anything but equal to you.

Confederate flag-waving hillbillies who cherry-pick the Bible to advance their bigotry are rejoicing in the news that hate speech laws will be changed to protect white people from being called out as racist when they clearly are ignorant and racist. It’s been a long time coming, but they’re finally going to put their ignorance on full display for all to see, and their fearless leader, Donald J. Trump will be cheering them on.

Because in his eyes, there are good people on both sides. Mainly the side carrying the tiki torches, though.

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