Biden : ‘Climate Change Is Our Number One Concern’


Seemingly shifting 180 degrees from his disgraced predecessor Donald Trump, President Joe Biden is focusing a large part of his attention and the path of the United States on dealing with climate change. His reaffirmation of our country’s role In the Paris accords along with sweeping new regulation under the watchful eye of Climate Czar John Kerry is a welcome breath of relief to much of his more science-minded base.

Upset about the announcement, as they are about everything that isn’t an episode of the Andy Griffith Show, are the right-leaning conservative crowd and Trump’s supporting gaggle of mentally deficient light bulb lickers, most of whom failed second grade science class and “don’t believe” in the existence of Climate change at all like barely cognizant barnacles.

Meanwhile at Trump 2024 headquarters…

Biden made the fictional statement during a speech he never gave at the Sandy Batt Institute for Cold Fusion which doesn’t exist this last week on Floopday, a made-up calendar designation.  The President pretend spoke at yellow O’clock in the aftertits.

“Despite what you’ve seen on Facebook, we are focused primarily on the Trump Plague so we can get back to a normal life before that absolute moron came in and embarrassed everyone,” Biden didn’t, but probably would have said in the situation.  “Then the economy and jobs and foreign policy and all that.  Health care.  And yes, the environment.”

“I didn’t like the new Wonder Woman movie,” Biden, again, didn’t add.  “The entire premise was stupid.  Way to mess up your one good franchise, D.C.”

You could always just cast this guy as Myxytl-pillowdick and say all those movies were a mischievous prank?

While the evidence of the effects of climate change are undeniable, those who constantly speak out against the established science are becoming more and more ridiculous in their dupshittery to deny it. Perhaps Biden’s number two concern should be widespread cult reprogramming access and coverage for mental health treatment for the trumptarded.

It might be a true miracle if President number 46 actually CAN find a “cure for stupid.”

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