Hunter Biden Disrupts Hedge Fund, Makes Billions on Toys ‘R’ Us Stock

The truth is right in front of you

“For Christ’s sake! Watch yourselves.” Those were the words spoken by President Joe Biden to his own family regarding their business dealings this past week.

It appears Hunter Biden is not following his father’s advice.

Hunter, who is already well known for his nefarious laptop dealings, has been at it on his computer once again. This time, he’s been active on the social media platform Reddit, where just last week a group of amateur investors successfully inflated the stock price of the flailing company GameStop.

This resulted in huge gains for many investors while hedge funds lost billions.

Under the username Abovda_Law, Biden managed to garner enough interest from the same group of amateur investors to drive up the stock price of Toys ‘R’ Us from $0.52 a share to $568.

He had already purchased 51 percent of the company’s stock prior to the inflation making him not only a multi-billionaire but controlling partner of Toys ‘R’ Us INC.

Of the billions that were lost by hedge funds due to the soaring stock price, the biggest losers of all are the hard-working folks who invested their retirement money. They are now left with nothing to show for a lifetime’s worth of hard work, all so the sniveling child of a false president can play with a few toys.

Wall Street was down across the board due to Biden’s shenanigans. Investors clearly have no confidence in Joe Biden’s ability to control Hunter. It is also unlikely that Congress will take any action to reel in the first son due to the weak-willed democratic majority in both the house and the senate.

With Hunter running wild on the internet, wreaking havoc on our financial markets, it is more important than ever that Americans protect their assets.

Remember: a gun in the hand is worth two in the holster. Be vigilant, but not afraid. If you are playing the market, rumor has it that Blockbuster Video will be Biden’s next target.

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