Fauci : ‘Ready to Finally Work With a Smart President’


Dr. Anthony Fauci has been the most visible frontman for information and discussion during the outbreak of the deadly Trump Coronavirus, having decades of experience with research and disease and advising four different Presidents on the subjects throughout his career.

However, it’s been very publicly visible that he and former President Donald Trump didn’t often see eye to eye when it came to opinions on solutions and judgment.

Trump at one time suggested “taking people’s batteries out, licking them, and then putting them back in.”

Now, in the wake of Trump’s lost election with the prospect of his absence looming, the decorated doctor seems to be less leery of speaking his mind to the media.  Just yesterday, an interview clip featuring CNN’s Don Lemon went viral, during which Fauci admitted he’s:

“Ready to finally work with a smart President like Joe Biden on this and save lives, as opposed to an imbecile like Trump who doesn’t care.”

The interview was the centerpiece of Lemon’s program which also featured similar childish “Trump-bashing” by FBI Director Joe Barron, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and ex-wife Marla Maples, who confided that Trump had never brought her to orgasm, and had, in fact, caused the opposite to happen, a rare event that medical experts call “Vaginal agony”, or “Vagony.”

Fauci’s dismissive statement came as no surprise to many White House staff, who, under the condition of anonymity, have admitted that the election loss feels like freeing them from, in one staffer’s words, “Trying to block out the rantings of a retarded birthday party clown with shit stink and clammy hands.”

Many interns and support staff seemed relieved to end their tenure with the roly-poly President’s administration, and have admitted that they will scrub the positions from their future resumes.

“You expect me to believe you were in a coma for the last four years? You’re covered in toupee hair.”

Is it a surprising insult to hear Dr. Fauci speak so dismissively about his soon-to-be-former boss, or is his statement just the usual for CNN and the anti-Trump liberal media?  Does it matter?

Trump lost.  Get over it snowflakes.


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