Three Laws The Supreme Court Will Finally Change With ACB That Nobody Is Talking About

Amy Coney Barrett won’t just end the illegal and immoral practice of allowing women to make their own choices about their bodies and allowing people who love each other to get married if that marriage is an affront to God.

ACB was sent by the Lord himself to change three things nobody is talking about. Three things that will shape our country’s future.

God, guns, and government. That’s right, patriots. With Amy on the court, your rights to all three will be secure.

This puppy loves America. It would be best to scroll to the next image, which is likely an ad, and click that rather than bothering to read the rest.

Barret will vote in favor of God in all cases. So not only will women lose their right to choose, they’ll also lose their rights to…everything else. They should still be allowed to vote with a note from their husbands.

Guns are a gift from God. Since they’ve been delivered to man, millions of deaths have been prevented. A good guy with a gun is always a welcome sight, and Amy will make sure you have all the guns you can handle, as long as you pledge your support to the new America.

Your government will no longer be something you have to worry about. At all. No more threats of tyranny or martial law or authoritarian dictatorships. After Amy delivers the election to Donald Trump, our democracy will move into its final phase of development, where elected officials don’t actually make any decisions and the will of the people prevails in the form of whatever Prime Minister Trump says.

It’s a glorious time to be an American, patriots. Finally, we’ll know what it’s like to live in a society that truly favors straight, white Christian males. Trump 2020! and beyond!!!


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