The ‘Satire’ Article Trump Shared on Twitter Has Been Confirmed To Be True

Critics of President Trump have been yukking it up over his sharing of an article they’re calling “satire.” But is the article satire or is it the truth being protected behind a satire label?

Some people who know the inner workings of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter know the answer all too well.

According to our specialist on social media, Art Tubolls, there’s a thin line between reality and fiction and the President wasn’t wrong to expose it:

“If you don’t want to be labeled ‘fake news’ on social media, the best defense is a satire label. Take this network as an example. ALLOD puts out dozens of stories every week that could be considered ‘not true,’ since they basically make shit up all day long. But…is what they make up really not true or is it plausible and just hasn’t happened yet?

“That’s what you have to think about when taking something like this Babylon Bee story into consieration. Sure, they label it satire, and there’s no ‘evidence’ that twitter shut down, but could they? I say absolutely they could, and therefore, the President was perfectly justified in sharing it.”

There you have it, patriots. Real or not, there’s a good possibility it could have happened, which makes the share seem much less ignorant. It just goes to show you that when you’re a God-fearing America loving patriot, nothing — including the truth — should stand in your way.

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