The Rock Endorsed Biden Because Of Epstein Island

The truth is right there in front of you

The pro wrestler, The Rock Dwayne Johnson has always been an independent that leaned Republican for most of his life. So imagine the shock people had when he endorsed Joe Biden over the greatest president of all time, Donald J Trump.

What happened? Why would The Rock do this? We dug to find out.

A picture of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently surfaced at Epstein Island, and he was sitting on the beach reading a book by Elizabeth Warren.

The Rock was all set to endorse Donald Trump, until the picture was released by none other than Hillary Clinton. There are more pictures that could see that light of day but with Johnson’s endorsement of Biden, they will be kept out of the public’s eye.

This is only one part of a long list of celebrities who were completely ready to endorse our amazing president but now may not, as it’s somewhat of an October surprise by the Democrat party to silence celebrities and other well-known people that were going to endorse Donald Trump and other republicans this year.

Celebrities have spoken privately about their adoration of the president, and DNC spies have gotten ahold of them to stop them.

RNC Officers Sandy Batt and Joseph Barron had a feeling this was coming.

“We knew something was afoot but had no idea the Dems were going to stoop to republicans tactics to do it.”

Barron said he has no idea how many other celebs that would have otherwise endorsed Trump that now won’t because of fear of embarrassment from not only the Democrats but the bigger embarrassment of even thinking of smiling Donald Trump’s way.

What is the next shoe to drop? Are they going to stop mega superstar Scott Baio from being in another shitty reality show? Will James Woods not get another acting gig, like the last two decades?

Will Donald Trump contract Covid, oh, scratch that, he already has. That’s what happens when you don’t follow any of the protocols.

Whatever the case may be, democrats are making it impossible for others to support the president, mainly by using his own words and actions, but in other ways as well.

God bless America and God Bless Donald Trump!

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