The New York Times Committed 14 Felonies To Get Trump’s Tax Returns

According to our source inside the Justice Department, Attorney General William Barr is preparing indictments against the failing New York Times for 14 felonies in connection with the leaked tax returns of President Trump.

The charges, which will be filed in the Southern District of New York, range from class A to class M felonies, and will be filed against no fewer than 13 people.

The charges, in order, are as follows:

  • Abuse of journalistic power to expose the president
  • Conspiring to find the truth against the national interest
  • Treason against the duly elected leader of the United States
  • Using incriminating evidence in a manner inconsistent with democracy
  • Refusing to divulge sources who have undermined the president
  • Publishing a report without express consent from the White House
  • Failure to report findings for security clearance before publishing
  • Using the press as a political tool in an election year

Some of those have multident has said that he’d wave some or all of the charges if the failing Times recants its story and admits that the people are better off not knowing the truth or understanding how corrupt the Oval office has become:

‘It’s a sad day when they don’t see that ‘corruption’ is just another term for ‘leadership’ when you’re a president dealing with Democrats who want you out of office.”

Layers for the Times say the president, Bill Barr, the DOJ, and the FBI’s sham investigation into what they call “their 1st Amendment right to report the truth” can kiss their collective asses.

The charges will be presented to a grand jury in a rural county in Alabama, where they are all but guaranteed to be converted into formal charges.

One juror said she’s already filled out her recommendations and would love to see Joe Biden in jail for Burisma. Oh, and Trump 2020.

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