Trump’s Tax Records Reveal 11 Abortion Payments


The recent revelations shocking the news cycle from the attainment by the New York Times of ten years of the President’s records are causing deep fissures in his base of fiscally conservative supporters.  After four years of repeated suspicions that the “self-made billionaire” is a fraud and lifelong con artist, the evidence for seems to be damningly positive.

Also positive : Don Jr’s test for horse tranquilizers. Then again, can you blame him?

According to the newly published records, not only was Trump a pathetically bad businessman who regularly shirked his responsibilities as a taxpaying citizen, but his braggadocious claims to a vast fortune are also false, and in fact, point to his status as a bankrupt and debt-laden criminal.  Oh, and then there’s the abortions.

According to tax accounting specialist Sandra Batt, eleven payments are on the books of between three-hundred and four-hundred and seventy-five dollars to five New York Planned Parenthood “birth reversal” clinics for two decades.  Several names are listed of females between the ages of fourteen and thirty two.  One of those names even belongs to a well-known Christian musician : Amy Grant.  “Baby baby” indeed.

Trump’s history as a pro-choice supporter is well-known, but his recent political aspirations have caused him to reverse that outlook in order to pander to gullible god-bothering Taliban dipshits for votes.  Such behavior squares completely with his pretend “Christianity” (The President is a long-declared atheist), his drug and alcohol free lifestyle, (He is known to be addicted to adderall and was a celebrity debutante in New York for decades), and his reputation as a charitable human being and patriot, (He stole money from a veteran’s charity and he and his family were forced by a court to take classes in how not to rip people off.)

Another falsity – Trump did NOT win the “smallest penis on earth” contest. Not while Sarah’s in the running.

How the mighty are falling, goes the paraphrase, and it may be that Donald Trump isn’t even rich enough to buy another four years of adoration from his base of mudhumping booger-lickers.  It’s a good chance that most of his cult, however, will just write the investigative reporting of one of the United State’s oldest journalistic stalwarts off as “fake news” and go back to defending their favorite shyster.  It’s just a bunch of state fair goobers hypnotized to squawk like chickens on a stage at this point.


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