Kaeprnick to Lead National Anthem Kneel at Super Bowl

Libs grabbing tissues in 3, 2, 1...

Colin Kaepernick is a disgrace to America. He chose human rights over patriotic symbolism and that is simply unforgivable. Now, he is taking his hatred for America to new heights, by leading the official anthem kneel at midfield of the Super Bowl.

Press Director of the NFL, Joe Barron, explained the decision to invite Kaepernick:

“Colin Kaepernick shows what it means to be an American. Standing up for the rights of his fellow Americans, raising money for charitable causes, and raising awareness for social injustice.

It was important that we showcased this by inviting him to our first annual Anthem Kneel, which will be held during the national anthem at every Super Bowl from here on out. This will bring awareness to the cause.”

Republicans everywhere are already saying they will be boycotting the game because of this action. One such patriot, 300-pound Clint Torres, said it best:

“I ain’t watching that un-American crap! This country is about God and guns. Not football. Why would I watch something with them colored folk making more than me? That’s un-American right there. I’m a hard worker and they aren’t!

We need to sue the NFL to hell and get them to respect America. Why doesn’t America sue them? What they’re doing is illegal against America so America should sue. Donald Trump Sues his enemies and he never loses. He’s never lost anything in his whole life.”

The Super Bowl is forecast to have the worst ratings in years, as Republicans expect another successful boycott, like the ones they’ve had against Target, Walmart, Lowe’s, Keurig, Starbucks, GameStop, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dillard’s, Walgreens, and CVS.

The NFL better learn from the mistakes of these companies as they all felt the tater wrath, and are now out of businesses – permanently.

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