Stock Market Numbers Prove Trump’s Economic Strength

The truth is right there in front of you

No matter what liberals and democrats and the media are saying, Trump’s economy is just rolling along at record-breaking numbers. The haters can lie all they want, but the Dow Jones and the NASDAQ say otherwise.

We’ve never had such a high stock market before and it’s all due to Donald J Trump! He really is Making America Great Again!!!

Dow Jones is up over 30,000 points, a number that’s just astronomical.  Experts can’t believe the numbers are so high, and it’s trickling down to the people.

Americans are feeling the effects of these high numbers on the boards like never before! If anyone ever needed any proof about how great Trump is at economics and business only need to look at those numbers and see the truth.

Billions are being made. Not by normal Americans though. The top 1 percent own over 50 percent of all stocks, while the top 10 percent own 92 percent of the stock market.

This means the rest of America, about 315 million people, own the other 8 percent. The stock market is really the rich people feelings meter. It doesn’t matter about your 401K or anything. Most of Americans have nothing. Which is how the top 10 percent like it.

So while millions of Americans are sitting in food lines, many slipping into poverty, not knowing where their next meal is coming from or if they’ll be able to make rent, rest assured that MAGA is there to save the people like Donald Trump from ever having to worry about choosing between a Maserati or a Mercedes next year.

Stocks may be at all-time highs, but you won’t notice it. You’re not supposed to. Just be happy with the breadlines, and pull those bootstraps up.

Joe Barron, a devout Christian and MAGA man, said from his dilapidated trailer home that this was the plan.

“Reagan told us that it would trickle down, like the rain trickling down in the kitchen. And I believe him. Trump is making it happen. Last year, I was poor. I’m still poor, but I have my Trump flag and hat to show that I believe,” he said, while his wife got back from the food bank with a load of ramen. 

Not to worry though. Trump will be having the most beautiful chocolate cake while we all watch on hoping something, anything changes for us. God bless Trump and God bless America!

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