Stimulus Bill Adds $50,000 To Pelosi’s ‘Slush Fund’

The truth is right in front of you

There’s a whole lot of pork in the new stimulus bill, all courtesy of the Democrats, once again. This comes as no surprise.

The first bill contained so many extras for people and places not beneficial to American citizens that it was fully expected the communist party would try to do the same again.

And they did.

The new bill sends money to foreign worlds, more than ever before in the history of the United States. It gives money to the rich and to wealthy corporations and leaves a tiny, tiny amount for everyday American people.

Democrats do not care about us.

Most of that pork was expected, but there was one surprise piece we discovered while reviewing the document. A payout of $50,000 is to be made annually to something called the “liquid liberation bank.”

Our experts had never heard of such a thing, but the name made them assume that it was something to do with water conservation, perhaps, or possibly an environmental scheme for rivers lakes and oceans. It was none of these.

The LLB is a slush fund for Nancy Pelosi. In other words, it’s padding of her dining expenses account so that she can add another $50k to her liquor bill, paid for by the taxpayers, each and every year for the next who knows how long.

This is outrageous and exemplifies why Republicans objected to the bill. This is the type of nonsense that Pelosi would like our money to be spent on rather than helping the citizens of America who are suffering under the weight of the Covid virus.

President Trump wasn’t going to let her get away with us. This expense and many others were cited for removal by his order. We were lucky to have a man in the White House who cared so deeply for us. Now that he’s gone, a dark age is upon us.

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