Squad Demands U.S. Pay Retribution to Bin Laden Family

The truth is right in front of you

The Librats demands are various and crazy but, not as crazy as what these four have just suggested!

The “squad” are demanding the senate, pay a maximum fee to the family of the terrorist Osama Bin Laden, it was revealed. The four congresswomen are going to use a little known bill that remunerates the deaths of fallen foes, being killed by American troops in the theatre of war.

Is there no stone too low for them to look under to find ways in which they can undermine the constitution in which they are protected, with literally trawling the law books for loopholes?

Is there anything better for them to do instead, like filing or just praying four times a day?

AOC, came strutting down the cloisters after an “ELLE Magazine” shoot and was caught by my own, on the spot journalist, Joe Baron.

He asked, “What is the payment to Bin Ladens’ family going to achieve?

She replied:

“Very much what we’ve been saying all along and that is that government should pay our brothers in arms who have been just as brave as our U.S soldiers who were fighting for a cause all be it, for opposite results!

But, none less as honorable, or patriotic. They’re just patriotic for their own country! It’s a moral booster for freedom fighters and, I get to send them my modelling pictures, isn’t that cool!?”

Mr. Baron asked AOC about the amount the Bin Ladens were about to receive,

“You’ll have to ask Mrs. Tlaib and Mrs. Omar about that, they’re the go betweens, who know the territory better than I do. I’ve never been to the Middle East before, but they have.”

I wasn’t prepared to speak the other three for religious reasons and of course being a patriot. I arranged a meeting with all three with Joe Baron, who has quite away with the women.

However, I would end up in a catfight and someone would lose their hair if I heard their voices just once!

Here is the message these so-called ‘patriots’ are sending out to our country:

Ilhan Omar says, “Our demands are final we do not want talk, we want action and we want it now! Allah Akbah!

We will stop at nothing to get the money for our fallen brave, for their family and children, Jul Allah. The blood of their father Osama Bin Laden, stains the American flag and it’s time for payback!”

Rashida Tlaib continued, “We, are confident that we will win this remuneration in a class action lawsuit at a lower circuit court, where many more liberal judges are placed and that we will turn history on itself to tell the American sheep.

They were used when they went to war on our brothers and sisters on abominable lies. Allah Akbar!”

Ayanna Pressley had this to say about the plan, “I’m with my sisters on this, Trump got an endorsement by Osama Bin Laden’s niece, so why not pay them the check?

It sounds so right to me, let bygones be bygones. Hell, we’ve built a real nice memorial garden where the Towers were so it’s a win-win as far as the environment is concerned and we are all for that!”

Joe Baron, “How much of retribution are you demanding?”

Rashida Tlaib said of the amount:

“It’s going to be big, that I can tell you but as it’s a one off payment its affordable under the fallen heroes act, which is how we found out about the law regarding fallen foe in foreign soil bill.

I think it’s around $14.5 billion. Around the same figure Trump spent on golfing trips.”

It’s only a matter of time when these four unpatriotic rats are gnawing at our democracy that we want as our own, not theirs. They’re not the boss of me!

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