South Dakota Governor Noem Promises Trump On Mount Rushmore

It Will Be Done!

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has made the decision to add Donald Trump to Mount Rushmore. She along with the South Dakota senate decided the greatest honor should go to the greatest president.

Trump has joked about it in the past, just teasing the idea to be playful, knowing that the honor to be on the sacred mountain is only bestowed on the founders of this nation. But Governor Noem and other Republicans have decided that Donald Trump, 45th President of these United States of America deserved the greatest honor.

Trump was literally moved to tears when he received the phone call from Governor Noem. He was visibly shaken and then went directly into a silent prayer. 

Trump doesn’t see himself as a hero, he’s only doing what he can to Make America Great Again. He never has looked for any praise or adoration, not even a thank you. The man is as humble as Jesus was.

Trump tried to turn down the offer but was rebuked. Noem said in no uncertain terms that Donald Trump was the greatest American President, even more so than the men on the face of that mountain.

Historians were torn by the move to add Trump to the historic Mount Rushmore. But one by one they were shown exactly why the mountain was built to honor the 45th President. 

Joseph Barron, a Presidential Historian with the illustrious Full Sail University agrees. He thinks the idea is a grand one, and he would know, he got his degree during shifts at the local Arby’s in his hometown of DeadDick, Montana. “Yur dammed rite he needs to be up thar” he exclaimed while spitting chaw.

Locals think it’s a great idea, seeing how the state is a laughing stock anyway and the only attractions it has is a drug store and this mountain that was stolen from the Lakota Tribe, and the fat, sweaty, smelly bikers that invade Sturgis every year to get drunk and embarrass themselves so a Walmartian who’s never been on a bicycle let alone a Harley can wear a t-shirt with misplaced pride. Let’s face it, South Dakota kinda sucks, and throwing Trump on that mountain could be the final nail in the coffin.

And why not Trump? When we think of America, we should think of the real America. Donald Trump embodies everything about real America.

Obese, out of shape, and extremely ignorant. It’s literally how the world thinks of us, and if we really want to be everything they say we are, we need to set it in stone.

God bless America and God bless Donald Trump.