Sources Say Pelosi Ordered Babbitt Shooting

The truth is right there in front of you

During the hearings into the January 6th incident at the Capitol, all kinds of news and revelations are coming out about how the Democrats dropped the ball and made the situation worse. One of them is a major bombshell. When Ashli Babbitt was taking a tour of the Capitol on the 6th, it was Nancy Pelosi who ordered the shooting.

Pelosi, in a drunken rage, thought that Babbitt was too close to her and other Congressional democrats.  She screamed in the two-way earpiece to “shoot!!! shoot!!!” to the secret service who was listening. When she heard the shot, sources said she smiled and said “Got her!”  It was disturbing, to say the least.  Pelosi almost seemed bloodthirsty during the incident.

Several sources reported that Pelosi was intoxicated during the incident. Intoxicated with power and alcohol. “She was swigging from a whiskey bottle, barking out orders,” said Joe Barron, a Secret Service officer who saw Pelosi that day. “She was like a madwoman, almost foaming at the mouth, drunk with power and bent on vengeance. This was her day to destroy Trump, and nothing was going to stop her.”

Several Trump-supporting patriotic congressional Republicans want Pelosi investigated for her role in the January 6th incident. They said that Pelosi and Obama strategically formed an alliance to recruit Antifa members to come to Washington and make trump supporters look bad. Not that they needed any help, but several sources who refuse to remain anonymous even though they’ve been proven wrong have said they saw a bus emblazoned with SOROS on it at the Capitol.

Millions of barely literate neckbearded Trump supporting troglodytes swear that Ashli Babbitt was simply protesting peacefully, even when video evidence that exists proves that to be the contrary. But not to worry, Patriots! You will soon be stepping over one another to excuse the actions of anyone who was there to try and subvert democracy to keep your president, Donald J Trump in power forever. Let’s see how August works out for you.

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