Biden, Harris, Set to Host ‘Saturday Night Live’


For forty-six seasons, the raucous late-night weekend sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live has delighted Americans with its caustic wit, its bizarre characters, and its political satire.

Megastars like Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, and Victoria Jackson have all had their big breaks on the program, and musical performances from the likes of Elvis Costello, Sinead O’Connor, and A Flock of Seagulls have made national news for their sometimes controversial hijinks.

Hitmaking band “Kajagoogoo” infamously stopped their set when several rogue vaginas escaped from singer Limahl’s hair.

It is an honor for any celebrity to be granted the status of “guest host” for any episode, and coming up just before their inauguration ceremony in January, that duty will go to President and Vice President-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

At press time, the musical guest is scheduled to be a stunning lifelike hologram of George Micheal who will perform his hit song “Freedom” with help from Joe Barron and the Retired Solid Gold Dancers.

Former cast member and actor who hasn’t made anything decent since Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler, commented on the choice to the Hollywood Queefer.

“Ehh heh, yeah, uh, wow, Joe and Kamala huh?  That’s some awfully big star power there.  You know, one time when we did the show, we had that lady on, you know, the black lady who worked for Bush.  Condominium.

That was her name.  And I did my whole baby talk shtick with her, like ‘Didsy you messy up the nine ewevens?”  Yeah, she didn’t like that so much.  Walked right off the show and we had to get Bob Newhart out of his freezy chamber to cover.

Anyways, good luck Joe and Kamala!  Ah WOOBITY BOOBITY!”

Sandler went on to glorify child abandonment in his hit film : “Ooopsie Poopsie, I’m Your Douchy Dad.”

The pair is expected to participate in a number of election 2020-themed sketches with Alec Baldwin reprising his dead-on Donald Trump impression.

The following week was intended to showcase former VP Mike Pence in the hosting spot but was unfortunately canceled due to Pence’s upcoming scheduled gender-reassignment surgery.

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