AOC: ‘We Will Ban All Gas and Diesel Engines by 2024’

With the liberal floodgates seemingly wide open due to a democratic-controlled house and senate, it seems the raging waters of leftist lunacy are already beginning to inundate America.

If it's not sunny, there is no solar power.

First, it was removing liberal activist groups from terrorist watch lists and extending Black History Month well into February. Then it was Biden’s nuclear deal with Thuggee cultist and Pakistani leader Mola Ram that included a $2 trillion gift.

Now, it’s AOC spewing more nonsense out of her horse mouth.

The freshman representative from New York honestly believes that we will rid America of gas and diesel-burning engines by 2024. Her plan is to replace them all with solar or electric power.

I suppose she didn’t notice the epic failure of her Green New Deal during the recent Texas storms. Her new plan would have those people freezing to death in their cars instead of their homes.

So much for finally fixing that 1989 Ford Taurus sitting on blocks in your front yard. It will soon be nothing more than a museum piece. And that Chevy Chevelle SS that’s ruined both of your marriages?  You might as well file for divorce from it as well.

Even your 1991 Honda Civic CRX EF, that got a whopping 49.1 mpg. You may as well send it back to the country it came from because it won’t be welcome here anymore.

Your local service station, many of which have been family-owned for generations, will become a thing of the past. Skeptics fear that semis hauling precious good will be unable to complete longer journeys due to inclement weather.

“You’re killin’ me, Smalls.”

IF IT’S NOT SUNNY OUT, THERE IS NO SOLAR POWER. We should not have to explain such things to a sitting representative.

Perhaps the most tragic prognosis is that Hollywood is predicting the end of high-speed car chases in action movies because there will no longer be any high-speed cars. Oh well. I guess we can all look forward to “The Slow and Furious” starring Daniel Levy, Joe Barron, and  Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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