26 Staffers Have Already Vacated White House in November


The writing, as they say, is on the wall.  Beginning even before Donald Trump’s historic loss in the election of 2020, the resumes were being printed and the desks were being cleaned out.

“What. It’s not like anybody’s counting them. It’s like severance pay. Like you never did this when you quit a place.”

Joe Barron, an aide to Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is already employed in Queefsburgh, New York for Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  He never planned to work in the Trump administration in the first place and calls the move : “A very welcome relief to work for a winner who has some sense in her head.”

Sandy Batt and Trish Blake left together after serving two years together in the West Wing as mental health counselors for the former President.  Both, like many former staff members of this administration, have left the job off of their resumes for fear of difficulty gaining employment with any sane organization.

The problem is one that isn’t uncommon and shared by the score or so of job seekers leaving the Trump administration as it slowly withers in embarrassing tantrums and futility.  The label of having worked for the monumentally incompetent cartoon President is a giant black spot in Washington as experience, and closes off opportunity for otherwise young and ready workers in the political field.

Clete Torris, a former body-shaver for Vice President Mike Pence says he’s actually had doors slammed in his face.

“It’s almost impossible to get hired after anyone knows you worked for Trump in the past four years,” he told a reporter under the condition of anonymity which we’ve ignored.  “It’s like if you were producing Red Hot Chili Peppers albums for years and then tried to get a job as a music teacher.  You’ve basically proven yourself worthless in that arena.”

“I’m just waiting for a call from Forever 21 about a stockboy position and keeping my fingers crossed.”

Mike Pence is already learning the dance moves to Pour Some Sugar On Me.

The mass exodus is a beacon of inevitability that the delusional Trump seems determined to ignore, as he does everything else.  Maybe having his next request for a wig cleaning being met by nothing but echoes will shake him out of his fugue.  And out of 1600 Pennsylvania avenue.

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