Mike Pence’s Secret Meeting With Joe Biden Leaked

The truth is right there in front of you

Vice President Mike Pence was thought to be one of Donald Trump’s most trusted confidants. He was never thought to be part of a deep state cabal that was interested in removing Trump from office….. until now.

The truth is being exposed about Mike Pence, and it isn’t good.

Pence, who’s job is Vice President of the United States, and also President of the senate. It is the job of the President of the Senate to award the office of President in early January unless the Vice President invokes article 12 of the 24th amendment in the Constitution.

The article states that the Vice President may delay or suspend the transfer of power if there is questions of impropriety of the election results.

It seems as Vice President Pence will not be invoking the amendment, as he has met with Joe Biden to discuss the transfer of power. Pictures of Biden and Pence were taken and revealed, proving the Pence not only went behind Trump’s back but is working with Biden, providing the Biden team with documents and national security briefs, against Trump’s wishes and demands.

While it is Pence’s duty to assist in the transfer of power, it seems as if he’s gone several steps further, and Karen, his wife, has met with Kamala Harris on several occasions to discuss Mrs. Harris’ role as Vice President, especially since Pence refuses to meet with another woman other than his mother.

The fact that Pence and his wife are assisting Biden and Harris shows that he is just another part of the swamp.

Presidential historian Joseph Barron wasn’t surprised to see Pence help the Biden team. Barron believes Pence is working on a 2024 run because even he knows nobody is dumb enough to want to go through another Trump term, not even him. Pence might be dumb, but he’s not insane.

Pence is thought to be planning his presidential run announcement at the Hilton. Not the hotel, the Hilton gas station that has the taco truck on Hilton street in Kendallville, Indiana. God bless America!

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