Shameful Democratic Senator Caught Cheating on Wife, Can Kiss Political Career Goodbye

Cheating cheaters always lose!

Democratic Senator Jed Bartlett of New Hampshire has been ensnared in a nasty scandal and will no doubt lose his seat on November 3 because of it. He was caught cheating on his wife.

The horror!

Unlike every Republican since the dawn of time, this cheating Senator threw his wedding vows out the window and kissed the cheek of the nurse caring for his elderly father.

His wife is now divorcing him for making such a mockery of their marriage.

And Republicans are squealing with glee about how Democrats are supposed to represent family values but they’re all a bunch of hypocrites who are known for cheating on their wives, picking up gay men in airport restrooms, diddling White House pages, and pretending that they have morals.


That’s Republicans! You know, the ones who claim to be religious and pious, when they’ve thrown their lot in with impeached President Trump — the lying liar who cheated on all three of his wives, declared that his own personal Vietnam was trying to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, and admitted that he wants to sleep with his own daughter. GROSS.

Can you imagine if President Obama had spawned five kids with three different women, paid for sex (or silence about it), said he wanted to sleep with his daughter and tried to get his mistress to abort his other daughter?

If that were the case, the Republicans would have clutched their pearls and tried to pretend they’re not racist, sanctimonious hypocrites while condemning such behavior. But no, they worship Trump and say that he’s forgiven because he’s such a devout Christian. HA! And I’m the Queen of England.

When Trump was elected, Republicans lost any claim to the moral high ground. This evil shell of a man is driving their party into the ground and onto the dust heap of history, where it belongs.

Good riddance.

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