Senate Demands Obama’s Tax Records, Since NY Wants Trump’s

The truth is right in front of you

In the past few weeks Trump’s likelihood of getting elected seemed pretty slim due to the Democrats’ efforts to make are POTUS look foolish again to obtain Trump’s Tax returns in Manhattan early this week.

It nearly succeeded until Lyndsey Graham (R) shouted repeatedly to make the move, on the assertion that Obama, being the first black president, “should also show his tax returns again as it has been over 12 years since he did and should cooperate now as did the presidents before him.”

Ms. Lyndsey Graham shouted it a dozen or more times just to make it come true and walked out to craft a bill that will give the Republican Party access to every single tax return since Mr. Obama’s days at college.

Which will most likely unlock the truth of Mr. Obama’s legal right to have been a President in the first place! Why should President Trump show his private tax returns from eight years ago anyway, he’s the er, President?

Their hypocrisy shows no bounds!

This is a benchmark case spearheaded by the very people who refused to acknowledge Obama as a legitimate President, unlike the actual president our Lord and savior, Donald J Trump. Our POTUS has been under attack from far-left liberal thinkers, who want better healthcare, humane and dignified prisons and sanitized water were the real criminals who concocted this!

These liberals always think of themselves and if they don’t get their way, they riot, smashing billion-dollar businesses who can’t afford to replace the glass! They praise Satan every time they open their mouths so why should we bend to their demands?!

The Presidents tax returns were just a smokescreen, a diversion from the real criminality. It had all the hallmarks of a liberal deep state conspiracy to overthrow the President.

But, be aware Liberals! We have beat devils like you and we are confident that are president will over-comb! The red eagle will be soring November 4, 2020!

This is not the first time Obama had to show his tax returns and even then, republicans weren’t happy. It comes amidst the Obamagate prophecy POTUS 45 revealed with detailed words and pictures from the birther scandal.

He exposed almost a decade ago.

Why should Potus 45 be the only one to have a court order to view his historic taxes when Obama is clearly hiding something from us.

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