SEC Dedicates Football Season to President Trump

The truth is right in front of you

Several college football conferences and teams have canceled their participation in the upcoming season due to the coronavirus pandemic.  These conferences, which are mainly in liberal states like California, Oregon, New York, Washington, and Illinois, are doing everything they can to play up the danger to the people of America.

Luckily, there is one football conference that sees things for how they truly are and how important college football is to the fabric of America.  The Southeastern Conference, which has schools in patriotic states like Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri.

The universities voted unanimously to dedicate the season to President Donald Trump as a show of solidarity to help to reopen America.

Commissioner James Gordon spoke with America’s Last Line of Defense reporter Sandy Batt about this dedication.

“The bottom line is that we saw everyone else closing up, suspending their seasons, whatever. Then we looked at where these universities are located. Deep blue liberal soy latte drinking states. We decided that we’re not going to have any of that.

We’re gonna fill our stadiums. We’ll be the only thing to watch on Saturdays for anyone who wants to watch sports. And we’re the best anyway so we’re making it better for sports fans because they can watch good teams instead of their favorite teams.

It is going to be great for America to see full stadiums and excited crowds cheering on their favorite teams, just as President Trump and Jesus intended. We dedicate enough things to God and Jesus already so we decided to dedicate the most important thing of all to our Dear Leader: this football season.”

Doctors who have spent their entire lives in the pursuit of science and medical advances are appalled by this development.  We should stand firm in knowing that people like Betty Cooper, who shared six debunked Youtube videos among her friends, are the people we should be listening to.

Betty says “Play ball!” And play ball we will.  For our fans.  For America.  And for our perfect President, Donald Trump.

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