SCOTUS Ruling: Liberals Trampled on Mike Lindell’s Right to Free Speech

The First Amendment applies to ALL Americans!

The Supreme Court has made a stunning decision in the case of MyPillow creator, Mike Lindell. As all patriots know, the liberals and communists have completely shredded his right to free speech!

After the January 6 riot at the Capitol, carried out by teeny-peened, drooling Trump supporters, Mike Lindell made the rounds of the right-wing mediasphere and loudly proclaimed his support for Donald Trump.

He also lied, lied some more, and lied again about non-existent voter fraud, claiming that President Joe Biden had stolen the election by sacrificing babies and puppies and two elderly Republicans. Or something like that.

Following Lindell’s blabbing about the myth of a stolen election and his support for actual, real-life seditionists trying to overturn a legitimate election, many retailers dropped his products in a hot second. Who wants to be associated with a domestic terrorist?

“They’re taking away his freedom of speech!” hollered the butthurt right-wing whiners, who clearly have no idea what freedom of speech is or what the First Amendment does.

Only the government can infringe on a citizen’s right to free speech. Louder, for those in the back: ONLY THE GOVERNMENT CAN INFRINGE ON A CITIZEN’S RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH.

A private company deciding not to sell a crappy, lumpy pillow because the owner of the company supports sedition is not infringing on that company owner’s right to free speech.

It’s the free market, doing its thing, with a company deciding not to do business with a complete douchebag who thinks that violently attempting to overturn the will of 81 million Americans is hunky-dory.

Why do Republicans — the ones who always boast about the free market — refuse to accept that there are consequences to supporting violence? And that those consequences have NOTHING to do with freedom of speech?

The Second Amendment isn’t the only one that matters. The first one is pretty cool.

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