SCOTUS Overturns Trump Ban on Foreign Work Visas

The truth is right in front of you

Donald Trump knows how to keep America safe. He has closed our borders, finished the wall, made Mexico pay for it, and has reduced crime by 80 percent. The liberals have opposed him at every turn, and this time they are using the Supreme Court to do their bidding.

In a 5-4 decision yesterday, the Supreme Court struck down President Trump’s ban on foreign work visas. The liberal court said it was illegal and unconstitutional, and cannot remain as law in this country.

The following is an excerpt from the ruling, written by Chief Justice John Roberts:

“Donald Trump has no understanding of the Constitution or the rule of law. It is clear that he has no place in the Oval Office. He is trying to ban people based on the color of their skin and is pretty racist.

This is why we vote to strike down his executive order and allow migrants to pour across our borders. We want everyone to come here. We can pay for all of them. They will live here and collect social security and have free healthcare. That is the least we can do.”

These are horrible words coming from the Chief Supreme Justice. Not only is he showing his judicial bias, but he is also showing the ignorance of our audience with his fictitious statements. Roberts needs to be removed from the bench and perhaps even charged with treason for opposing our duly elected leader, Donald Trump.

Republican Joe Barron agrees, saying, “I will do everything my power to remove Roberts and the corrupt liberals from the bench.”

We hope these words are true and all obstacles are removed from our dear leader’s path.

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