Sam Elliott to Bring Silent Film Classic ‘Birth of a Nation’ to Broadway

do the dancy-dance

Throughout his career, Road House star and mustache guru Sam Elliot has consistently raised the bar of artistic creativity and expression to new heights.  He has never accepted roles simply to satisfy a stereotype, rather he chose parts that would challenge him as an actor.

From his groundbreaking work in ‘Mask’, in which had had to convince audiences he was into Cher, to what is perhaps his magnum opus in ‘Ghost Rider’, the range of characters Sam Elliott has been able to master is nothing short of astounding.

Now, for the first time, he has decided to change his canvas and bring his talents from the silver screen to Broadway for a musical theater production of the American classic ‘Birth of a Nation’.

The silent film, originally released in 1915, was groundbreaking not only for its cinematic innovations but also its brand of storytelling. The story itself is an intricate tale of the American spirit and the bonds that brought us back together in the years following the Civil War.

Sam tells us,

“Given the current social climate in our country, I felt now was the time to revive this particular work of art.  It will serve as a reminder that we are one nation under God.”

Not only will Sam be featured in many song and dance numbers, but he has also taken on the role of head choreographer. 

“Seeing as how it was originally a silent movie, there was plenty of room to insert the song and dance numbers that have been sorely missing from my long and storied career.” 

Sam has been studying various types of dance to prepare for the upcoming role, including tap, jazz, ballet, and pole.

The musical, which will be scored by DJ Khaled, is expected to begin production in the spring of 2021 with an anticipated debut on July 4.

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