Sam Elliott Doubles Down on Trump: ‘He Leaves, I Leave’ Interview Part 1


For the last few decades, Sam Elliott has served as the voice of Americana. From his roles in blockbusters like Road House and Ghostrider to his more artistic endeavors such as The Big Lebowski, Sam has never failed to provide a calming voice of reason in an otherwise chaotic cinematic landscape.

Today, Sam Elliott is casting aside his indifference to stand up for the one thing he truly believes in: Donald Trump. While he has been a longtime supporter of our President, it is only recently that he has made his passion so prevalent.

He recently sat down with us for a very revealing interview.

Me: Good afternoon Sam. How are you today?

Sam: I’m doing well, friend. Care for a sarsaparilla?

Me: Who, me?

Sam: Of course you.

Me: Why thank you. I’d love one.

Sam: Here you go.

Me: So Mr. Elliott, you’ve recently been very vocal regarding your support of President Trump. You’ve always kept your political opinions close to your chest. What prompted this outpouring of support?

Sam: Frankly, I got tired of mopping up liberal tears. I’ve played a lot of manly men in my career, and there’s a reason why I got those roles. The leftist swing our country appears to be taking makes me feel out of character. I feel it is my duty to provide a voice for the disenfranchised.

Me: That’s as noble as it is brave. I commend you. Should things not swing your way in this election, what do you see as your next move?

Sam: Friend, I can tell you this about Trump. If he loses the presidency, I leave the country. This is America, where the will of free men dictate our future. I will not remain here if that future is stolen out from underneath us.

Me: Where do you see yourself going if you’re forced to leave?

Sam: I really like the way Rodrigo Duterte has been handling things in the Philippines. He’s someone I can really get behind. I also love lumpia and chicken adobo. I can see myself settling down there.

Me: That’s a solid choice. I know you’re also a big fan of karaoke, and that’s a very big thing in the Philippines.

Sam: Darn straight I am. There’s nothing more satisfying than singing Milkshake by Kelis in front a bunch of strangers.

🎵My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and damn right, it’s…🎵

Me: Whoa there Sam!! It’s just me and you here. Let’s not make it awkward.

Sam: Sorry, friend. Sometimes the music just gets me.

We continued to sip on our sarsaparillas and enjoy our friendly conversation. Be sure to look for the second part of our interview tomorrow.

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